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Diablo Dimes “No Name Song #22” Video

I had the honor to mix and master Diablo Dimes’ latest album, “Memoirs of a Poor Balladeer”. Here is the first video from that album.

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All Flesh “In Sex We Trust” Video

I was so sick. The First Ave. Mainroom was mine for the night. And how did I enjoy this minor moment of glory? By laying on the floor in the smoke-stained back room, heaving my guts out… fever… dizzy… not feeling very sexy. The only recollection of that night came to me in this video.

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Hostages “Ain’t Got Time…” Video

Poor Mr. Peckerwood: he had to endure the spectacle of The Hostages pawing, groping, mauling and macking on his pretty young wife, and he enjoyed every minute of it (he was lying, of course!) as she stars in the video of “Ain’t Got Time (for your Bullsh!t [Baby!])” from the CD “Sunday Suicide”. [ Contains Adult Language and Violence ]

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Trapezoids “Vending Machine of Love” Video

The Trapezoids are a MPLS based electronic new wave band built on minimalism.

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