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Hostages Filth Fest Promotional Graphic

Web Graphics | June 27th, 2010

A Great Graphic for a Great Band Promoting a Great Event!

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The Hostages and Other Mid-Life Reflections

Wed, Oct. 21, 2009, was my last night performing with The Hostages. It was a great learning experience but my growth as a musician has reached its limit within the Hostages. When we reformed, we did it for the fun playing rock and roll and making fools of ourselves (I am still a fool!), but […]

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Hostages “Ain’t Got Time…” Video

Poor Mr. Peckerwood: he had to endure the spectacle of The Hostages pawing, groping, mauling and macking on his pretty young wife, and he enjoyed every minute of it (he was lying, of course!) as she stars in the video of “Ain’t Got Time (for your Bullsh!t [Baby!])” from the CD “Sunday Suicide”. [ Contains Adult Language and Violence ]

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Hostages “Sunday Suicide” Album

Some information about the production of this album, plus some audio samples.

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