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My First Solo Performance

The show was booked under the name Slave Unit back in 1993. Two days after that first show, I heard word that that name was already established by a horrible inductrial band from California. I did the show anyway; my first as a “solo” performer and frontman. It went something like

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What music do you get from a punk rock musician who don’t like playing punk no more? What happens if instead of worrying about what ‘genre and ‘style’ of music to play you just use certain elements you like? What kind of music happens? Well, you get Billy The Jack and the Modern Throwbacks is what!

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The Hostages and Other Mid-Life Reflections

Wed, Oct. 21, 2009, was my last night performing with The Hostages. It was a great learning experience but my growth as a musician has reached its limit within the Hostages. When we reformed, we did it for the fun playing rock and roll and making fools of ourselves (I am still a fool!), but […]

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Bonus Song: “In Sex We Trust”

Bonus Songs | July 30th, 2009

Influenced by Aldus Huxley’s “Brave New World”, this anthem expresses my disdain for the excessive immorality of our time, but expressed in a vulgar manner for the common modern soul.

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Clinical Psychosis General History

Musical History | July 28th, 2009

Nine Inch Nails was still in diapers and Ministry was doing techno-pop. Clinical Psychosis attempted an amalgam of the same elements that drove both to height unimagined in 1991. Minneapolis’ alt rock elite had never heard industrial-metal before, and it amused them.

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Let Us Pray

Prophesy or Madness? | July 25th, 2009

Is Global Warming is a Religion? I say: yes! Christianity was an established religion only 50 years after Jesus walked the earth. So what will an Earth Church look like a century from now?

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A Tribute to an Ancestor

You Don't Know The Jack | July 25th, 2009

Hilman Quammen was my grandfather who died before I could know him. I wish I could have. Read this small tribute to a remarkable man.

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The Onion Recognizes Billy ‘The Jack’ (sort of)

You Don't Know The Jack | January 28th, 2009

The Onion and its A. V. Club mentions a band I was once in called the Ed Gein Fan Club.

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My Brush With Fame

Prince made a movie once. I was a high school kid who sometimes wasn’t in High School, who walked through a purple rain on a nice sunny day. Here is my story.

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On the RNC and the Riots

Observations of The World | September 6th, 2008
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