Patti Rhodes’ Single Production

Production and Recording | August 15th, 2008

Patti Rhodes now hails from Hollywood California. She still has strong ties to the Minneapolis punk-rock scene, from which she departed from. She’s a multi-talented song writer and guitar player with a penchant for panache.
This recording of hers is a tribute to two of Minneapolis’ most well known rock legends: The Mighty Mofo’s and Morticia. It features Ollie Stench on bass, Trevor Trend of Hot Rod Hearse on lead guitar and Travis Ramin, who is a local musical powerhouse and record producer in his own right.

Production Notes

Shortly after I had re-equipped my home studio in 2004, Patti, who was visiting friends in town, was gracious enough to let me record her so I could break in my new gear and DAW system. And I thank her for it! There are no fancy tricks on this record; I just pressed record then mixed it as true to live as possible.

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[Excerpts from the Patti Rhodes single. Total time 1:47, featuring "I'm Your Trash (written by Matt Bachelor)" and "It's Gotta Be A Joke (written by Bill and Ernie Batson). Produced by Billy 'The Jack' and Patti Rhodes. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Billy 'The Jack']

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  1. Ollie Stench says:

    This was a no-frills session, although alot of it was overdubbed. I had a little Peavey 25w practice amp for my bass which Billy mic’ed up but still couldn’t get a decent sound out of. We tried re-recording the bass tracks and no improvement was mande. After about an hour of dicking around we used a vst amp simulator and within minutes had a really good sounding bass guitar.

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