Noise 13 and the All Flesh Orchestra Album Cover

CD and Album Covers | July 3rd, 2010

Or how not to design an album cover by referencing an album cover design by a green-horned wanna-be digital designer (ya got’s to learn sometime). Long story too short: lead all flesh from 1993 to 2000; became digitally inclined in 2001 and haven’t stopped since; started designing covers for my own personal archives shortly after…

Original photograph by Dez Traci.

Beautiful eh?

Okay, its just some horrible photo manipulation using a “photocopy” filter — without first processing the original photo to erase the dust and scratches (there’s a filter for that?). Tried doing something with the embossing filter for the text, but all I did was make it unreadable. And what was I thinking with that silly font?

Follows the link is the fine backside — not my flat a$$, but the cover!

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