Klingon House of rOQ’

Fiction and Literature | February 26th, 2012

Epilogue – Earth, UFP

What in Kahles’ Holy Name is this? Va’esh thought to himself, scratching at his phantom ridges. Is this a tlhIngan I see?

He was absently scanning through the streaming data when he came across a blurry, time-distorted image of what looked like a tlhIngan warrior. He was dressed in a suit of extreme black and silver armor, his hair was pulled up in a pony tail that spread out from the top of his smooth skull, the sides and back spilling down his broad shoulders in the tlhIngan Military tradition. His face was painted in an ancient black and white death mask with his obscenely long tongue sticking out in a challenging gesture-and it was covered in dark blood. The warrior held in his hands a strange, morbid looking weapon, with what looked like a mek’leth on one end and a sharply angled, down thrusting axe blade on the other, held together by a thin flat rod with four tightly pulled wires connecting the two ends together. Not like the sleek lines of the batleth. Va’esh thought to himself. How can he even fight with such a clumsy weapon?

He read the headline of the ancient Earth newspaper. It said in large blocky Fed Standard letters, “Is Heavy Metal Destroying our Youth?” Underneath the two-dimensional image was a caption that read, “Gene Simmons of the metal band, Kiss.” It was then that realized with a double take, that the Warrior was not tlhIngan at all. He was a human!

Through hours of intensely building curiosity and pounding of the terminal keyboard, he had uncovered the basics of this ‘heavy metal.’ It was an old form of loud discordant music that had been popular with human youth in the twentieth century. It was part of a strangely violent counter culture called ‘rock and roll.’ Its colorful leaders like Gene Simmons, David Lee Roth, Angus Young, and a whole slew of other colorful characters were members of strange gangs with strange names like AC-DC, Van Halen and Black Sabbath, along with countless others. They sang Warrior ballads with simple melodies over fast tempos–at an extremely loud volume. Why the ‘music’ (it was not music) that came from the tinny speakers grated on his very nerves–from the headache pounding rhythms, screeching guitars that sounded like dying animals, and insane vocal shriekings. In listening to the infernal noise, Va’esh was thinking about his son back on the beloved Home-world. Qris was a student of at the First City Music Academy on the Home World. He loved all of the ancient battle epics and drinking songs, was a virtuoso musician and he studied the craft of building stringed instruments. Va’esh knew that his son would be fascinated by this primitive Earth music, so he downloaded
the info that he had and arraigned to have it smuggled across the border to the Home-world.

He realized that he was extremely late for his meeting with his Federation spy contact, but he couldn’t tear himself away from this fascinating bit of history. Anyway , that filthy patach can wait just a little while longer.

Chapter One

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