Bonus Song: “I Feel The Need”

Bonus Songs | August 28th, 2008

During my day job, I get lots of time to think. I’m stuck in traffic all the live long day, and I get frustrated. Sometimes I sing to myself. Right now its a “Traffic Light Opera” that’s going through my pointy little head: an alto and bass choir counterpoint, the alto singing “accelerate! accelerate” at a fast tempo, with the bass voices singing in a sort of half time “step on the brake”. Sing it in your own head sometime and it’ll get you through the day.

During the last winter, my “frustration” song ultimately became this little gem…

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Whenever I go to see the extended family, all the kids want me to sing it for them; they think it’s funny as hell.

Production Notes

I programmed the bass and drums using Reason, and I lo-fi-ed i tin the DAW. Same with the guitars. Simple, really.

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  1. Billy 'The Jack!' says:

    Update: the song has been added to the repertoire of the band BUNGE (of which I am a member).

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