“Hot HOT! Show” Poster Design

Fliers and Handbills | June 13th, 2010

“The Hot HOT! Show” was a Burly-Q collaboration between myself, Frenchy Freemont and Jean Bardot. I’ll write some details about that show at some other time. Here’s the graphic:

Frenchy took the original photograph. I have no real idea what different filters, layer styles and blending modes I used to achieve that look. I only knew I wanted to connote an old-timey cheap poster painting like the old peep shows. Heavy on the contrast! A little artfully applied outer glow around the nipples made the text easy to read.

Speaking of: I think the font itself is artistically beautiful and incredibly well drawn, but the small-caps kerning gave me headaches. I didn’t type the txt in a shape. Instead, I used spaces of various sizes to indent the text exactly as I wanted it to. The small caps were hard to read at first, but a little of Photoshop’s faux bold setting on them did the trick real nicely. I now embolden all small caps in my type work.

Now, how about that backside:

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