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Musical History | July 28th, 2009

Clamidia Psychosis started out in 1990 as a noise-band, with Ollie Stench and Billy ‘The Jack’ (p.k.a. Noise-13) as it’s founders, along with a couple of young bored suburban kids.

The kids bolted soon after.

Then Noise-13 met a young, hot guitar virtuoso and invited him in (over Ollie’s protest). Then Noise-13 pushed on with his own vision: industrial beats, metal guitars and punk vocals. “Clamidia” was ditched, and Clinical Psychosis was born in 1991

They played a few shows locally, most notably with Tool and Die and Cop Shoot Cop. They also performed in the Mainroom for the 1991 Halloween Depth Probe Rave.

The album cover on the left represents a compilation from 3 demos. Cover and logo were designed by Billy ‘The Jack!’, and Tina Harding took the photograph.

Anecdotes and Observations

The following was a post to a now defunct BBS about what happened to Clinical Psychosis, which I found on a text file I almost deleted!

Gio took a paying gig with a Chicago band called Braindead Sound Machine. According to Gio, he had met one Alian Jorgenson during a night of partying. He was telling Alian about Noise-13’s weird musical idea, then Gio played him the demo tape. Alian apparently stole the tape ’cause maybe he liked it or some other strange notion. A few years later, Ministry recorded ‘The Land of Rape and Honey,’ and then ‘The Mind is a Terrible thing to Taste,’ and Industrial Metal was thrust in the mainstream. Let me say that Ministry did NOT steal my idea, because sometimes an idea is so visionary that more than one genius can come up with it. Anyway, Gio probably told me that story to stroke my ego.

I’ve got some other anecdotes, but I’ll have to transcribe them from an SWF file that I cannot open in Flash.

The End of Clinical Psychosis

Clinical Psychosis experienced a painful death that very year; metal industrial hybrids were just too radical for 1991: NIN was still in diapers and Ministry was doing techno-pop; Ollie and Gio were still too caught up in their respective established music styles; and the grungified Minnesota music scene was busy stagnating and falling in love with Nirvana.


Noise-13 went on to form “Noise-Thirteen and the All Flesh Orchestra”, which became shortened to all flesh.

Ollie Stench would rediscover performing electronic music fifteen years later in the shape of the Trapezoids.

Gio disappeared off the face of the planet (the world revolves exclusively around each of us, separately, from our individual perspectives, does it not?). He spent years trying to find his own voice, and he returned to the world, transformed and whole, becoming Diablo Dimes, of whose work I have the honor of mixing and mastering.


  1. Ollie Stench says:

    um, I designed the logo, you limelight-stealing bastard!

  2. Billy 'The Jack!' says:

    you designed I cut I cut you designed what difference does it make?

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