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Bonus Song: Accept and Obey

Bonus Songs | July 3rd, 2010

“ask them what they stand for: their answers [are] always vague. Don’t try to understand, No! You must Accept and Obey! Anti establishment hard industrial song here!

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A Lost “All Flesh” Song

Bonus Songs, Musical History | January 1st, 2010

Google is a marvelous thing. Not so My Memories. Here’s a song I completely forgot about!

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Bonus Song: “In Sex We Trust”

Bonus Songs | July 30th, 2009

Influenced by Aldus Huxley’s “Brave New World”, this anthem expresses my disdain for the excessive immorality of our time, but expressed in a vulgar manner for the common modern soul.

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Bonus Song: “Rock and Roll Jihad”

A few years ago on 9-11, a band called Reverend Poky Bunge played on the day of an anniversary of some tragic even in history. This song tells the story about a fictional rock band’s ill-fated meeting with Al-Qaeda.

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Bonus Song: “I Feel The Need”

Bonus Songs | August 28th, 2008

Sometimes life can be very frustrating, as reflected through this fine rockabilly musical number.

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