Now That Bush is Gone (And Good Riddance!)…

Observations of The World | July 24th, 2009

…Will Rock and Roll Music Start to Suck as well?

Political strife has always energized rock and roll music. All throughout Bush’s two terms, you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing subtle — and sometimes blatant — anti-Republican messages, from Rage Against The Machine, Green Day and the like. Ministry’s whole discography, from 2000 to the last album has been almost exclusively anti-Bush — and it is no surprise that they’re now calling it quits; they have nothing more to sing about.

And many of our local bands’ angst has also been directed at those dastardly Republicans and the America they represented. Now that the Republican Party has been swept from power, what are you gonna sing about? How do you remain relevant when your fodder has been swept away? Now that the future seems so bright and rosy, what are your going to be angry about?

So what does this mean to the underground rock and roll scene? Its going to start sucking, and sucking very badly.

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