All Flesh “New Revelation” Album

Production and Recording | August 9th, 2008

All Flesh 'New revelation' album coverAll Flesh was my industrial / metal band, on and off from 1993 to 2003. This album, produced in 2001, is a combination of live instruments and sequences, all played by myself.

The drums ain’t real, but they were played, using a borrowed electronic kit, the sounds of which were designed and produced by myself in pre-production.

The main guitars were recorded through my Peavy Classic 50 amplifier, double tracked, processed a bit in mixdown and hard panned left and right. I played two secondary guitar tracks through a Boss GT-3 processor, scooped out the mid freqs, boosted the highs, tightened the pan field and mixed it low. In headphones, this gives it the famous “wall of guitars” sound that I love.

The bass is sometimes played and sometimes sequenced, but generally left unprocessed.

The vocals are the most processed, using a combination of the DAW and The Reason program. I processed the background lead vocals using a chorus with a bit of modulation plus a doubler. The secondary reason the vocals were a bit overprocessed is the plain fact that my singing style doesn’t really fit the music , and I strained myself to sound more “goth.”

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Excerpts from All Flesh “New Revelation” EP / approx time: 3:00 / with “Alive”, “Snakes and Angels” and “The Way” / Written, performed, recorded and produced by Rev. Wilhelm Fisk /©2003 Church of All Flesh / Album cover design and layout by Billy ‘The Jack’)

The genealogy of All Flesh, an industrial rock band from Minneapolis, MN: Black Sabbath, Parliament, Gary Numan, Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson, and many others.

For in the legendary First Avenue nightclub, I heard the joyful noise: demonic guitar hooks, majestic synthesizers and mechanized rhythms; I listened to the rich, visually symbolic, often satirical prophecies; I saw the charismatic and compelling Prophet Wilhelm Fisk with his Alive Revival Apostles: Rev. Evil Dawn, Drok, Thomas Mundahl, and Pat Vosika; And I witnessed that their congregation — who were then two-hundred strong, were held in rapture by them!

O’ unbelievers, know that the All Flesh Alive Revival is becoming legend in the city of its manifestation — and all within its inaugural year! Through a private-party debut in November 2003; and other small clubs during that winter; Through two First Avenue appearances — one of them being the acclaimed KarnEvil Noir event on September 01, 2004 (that had been borne of Wilhelm Fisk) And lastly through the Minnesota Music Awards™ nominated cable access television show Drinking With Ian on the special Halloween Hootenanny!

Special psalms from the latest Book of All Flesh, notably the “Let’s F—” remix of In Sex We Trust have become part of the dancing rituals inside the local temples.

Hallelujah, for the words of the Prophet are hailed as poetic masterpieces; vivid and violent, yet full of hope of deliverance. All of the latest, from Book of All Flesh (in CD form) is the Creation — the Work, Yeah!— of the Prophet Wilhelm Fisk! Behold the Creation!

O’ unbelievers, the facts revealed here are true, but know that this “Revelation of All Flesh” was written with our tongues firmly in our cheeks — intending to be unique, for All Flesh is like no other band. Amen!

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