All Flesh General History (1993 to 2000)

Musical History | July 28th, 2009


During 2000, All Flesh tore up the Seattle industrial circuit with Zoe’s unique voice giving Rev. Billy and his old lyrics a new and invigorating twist of life, with Jonathan’s thunderous low end pumping life into the electronic rhythms.

They re-recorded a few old songs plus a new one that Rev. Fisk wrote called Dust and continued to gain a new fan base while Rev. Billy’s marriage went down the tank because of his commitment to the new All Flesh.

Zoe’s marriage fell apart too, and she had to leave town for personal reasons putting All Flesh’s burgeoning career in jeopardy.

Rev. Billy and Jonathan meanwhile had recruited Jon Saunders from his new home in Seattle and set out to find Zoe’s replacement. They found one, but with the departure of Zoe and the final demise of his own marriage, he left All Flesh for good before it could even rebound, and he moved back to Minneapolis, hung up his vestments and smashed his machines; and All Flesh went the way of —do I dare say it…?

So Why in the name of God did This Continue?

To you who are reading this, from Rev. Wilhelm Fisk:

“You can never escape from your destiny; I learned this the hard way by trying to do All Flesh in the many ways I’ve done it so far. After many failures between 1996 and 2003, and then a sabbatical at the end, I am commited to try this New Revelation of All Flesh, using all of my soul and mind to do it exactly the way I had originally started, and here it is, 2004 and I think I have gotten it right….”

So there you have it: my badly written history of my first self-directed project all flesh.

Like the last box said, I did rejoin that tumultuous world in 2003, mainly as a vehicle to work the new DAW into shape and hone my skills on the computer.

On a side note, before I continue the saga… Even though I had been using electronic instruments to compose and perform my music since 1989 (when I bought my first drum machine), I had not been in possession of a personal computer until my brother Raymond sold me an old dusty box in 2001. Prior to that, I had used tape to record and produce my music. So from 2001 to 2003 I spent my time experimenting with digital recording, recorded an industrial metal album that was as far from all flesh as was possible (I’ll tell that story here, when the time comes).

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