All Flesh General History (1993 to 2000)

Musical History | July 28th, 2009


During his retirement, Rev. Fisk started writing for what would be his second release, but shifting priorities ultimately led him astray. And while the songs Revelation and All Flesh became local favorites through club play at Cage and Ground Zero, the rest of the six song release was static, unemotional and limp, compared to the raw fury and no holds back sound of the first full length recording.

And while requests were still inundating Rev. Fisk for the return to the stage, he declined them at first because he didn’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a new line up.

As it turned out, the God Finagle planted a young hotshot guitar virtuoso and pretty boy into Rev. Fisk’s lap. His name was Jon Saunders, and after seeing All Flesh play a few times before, he had been aching for a chance to help resurrect All Flesh from the ashes that Rev. Fisk let be consumed.

“Choose Your Salvation” is a live record of one of the few shows that All Flesh performed during 1997 with Rev Fisk and Jon Saunders alone on stage. But by that time, other commitments kept Rev. Fisk’s attention elsewhere, so Jon left shortly after what would be All Flesh’s last performance in this incarnation—a benefit show at the Saloon’s ‘Hard Mondays ‘industrial nights. Just prior to that, All Flesh had been banned from Ryan’s (of all places) for apparently destroying equipment.

At the end of it all. All Flesh started with an explosion but ended in obscurity with Rev. Fisk hanging up his vestments and moving to Seattle with his new wife.

(But, alas, the story doesn’t end there, for God Finagle is mischievous and will stop at nothing to torment his followers.)

All Flesh came about purely by accident and was not the intention of Rev. Billy (as he was called in Seattle). But let’s go back to 1997 for a moment:

When All Flesh was put to rest, Rev. Fisk decided that it was about damned time to pick up an electric guitar and learn how to play it (driving Mrs. Fisk absolutely crazy in the process.) During that two year period, Rev. Fisk spent all of his extra energy in mastering the guitar to where he felt he could play again, this time by joining a band when the time was right, instead of starting one again.

Early in 2000, Billy wound up trying to form a band with a young bass player and his friend’s wife as singer.

Jonathn Seeber and Zoe Void, upon hearing old All Flesh music, conned Billy into re-starting All Flesh with the lineup they had.

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