About Billy ‘The Jack’

I am a modern-day Renaissance man, the Rock and Roll DaVincci: musician; record producer; web designer; artist; individualist. I’m a contemporary throwback. A man of crass with a touch of class. A moderately liberal conservative. Old enough to know better but still young enough to do it —and I’m always ready!

I’ve been a drummer, guitarist and songwriter for over twenty years, playing many different styles of music from punk, industrial, metal and goth — plus a smattering of jazz and country. I’ve played in many local bands — most of them you ain’t heard of — on and off since 1986. My current thing is the Modern Throwbacks, which is like AC-DC and Stray Cats having a bastard child.

I’ve produced records for most of the bands I’ve been in—plus a few others not my own. I was the audio engineer for the TV show Drinking With Ian during their tenure in the Seventh St. Entry from 2004 to ’07. Throughout 2005, I was sound and stage manager for Lili’s Burlesque, where I was christened ‘The Jack’, because I did almost everything else imaginable (except for performing on stage or seducing the ladies).

I’ve done other things besides: I put on a burlesque show with former members of Lili’s at the Triple Rock Social Club in 2007; I emceed a large New Year’s Eve ball in 2006; I created the “DEGENERATE!” dance night and KarnEvil Noir at First Avenue in 2004; I’ve written a full length Start Trek novel (which was rejected). I’ve lived and loved for two-score years, and I plan on at least two more score, hopefully a little more.

I’m a Rugged Individualist. I get my satisfaction from using my own wits to learn and grow rather than when its given to me. I hate political correctness in all forms, just as much as I despise racism, homophobia and group-think orthodoxy. Above all, I love my Country and admire it’s philosophic origins (despite its many flaws)

And for the girlies: you do not want to know me. Trust me.

About the MP3’s on This Site

There are two types of MP3 samples on this website: those edited from specific recording sessions, and certain full songs written and performed by Billy ‘The Jack’.

Recording session samples are taken from their original mastered source, the mp3’s encoded at 128 kbps. They have not been further processed or enhanced for this website.

Billy ‘The Jack’s creative works have been encoded at 96 kbps.

Digital distribution of most of these recorded works through the I-Tunes store is in the works.

About the Design

BillyTheJack.com is managed through WordPress, utilizing an original (and exclusive) theme design. I’d give it away but it’s kinda convoluted (there’s a long sad story about a friend who borrowed this design for his blog. He thought that he could just change the color scheme around a bit and his own neon logo into the box — he got the look right in photoshop and had it ready all to roll, but when he delved into the fancy code I used to put it all together, he found that no matter how many cups of coffee, however many cigarettes smoked or how many times he pounded his head against the wall, he couldn’t figure out how to make it work! Painful Frustration!) for general use.

But, since I have very few visitors to this site anyway (at least not too many insomniacs who’ve gotten this far), it makes no difference about the theme used in this website.

This is my own personal playground. The latch is always open and visitors are welcome at any time, but this garden gate is like an overgrown, wild weevil hole hidden amidst a small ivy colored back wall in a long forgotten alley of a mostly deserted tract in the most desolate sector of Algore’s vast inter-web.

And I kinda like it that way.

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