A Tribute to an Ancestor

You Don't Know The Jack | July 25th, 2009

Okay, so this ain’t the real me! This is my Grandfather, Hillman Quammen, who died before I could meet him.

On her deathbed, my grandmother told me that my looks reminded her of him when they first met. Of course, he was way better looking that I am, and I am nothing like he was…

He occasionally drank whiskey, I sometimes drink beer. He loved jazz and classical, I prefer the rock and roll. He played the trumpet, I’m a drummer (primarily). He married young and stayed hitched, I married old and divorced shortly after. He was a gentleman, I am an animal! He wore a suit, I wear a loin cloth (but I can wear a suit pretty good if I wanna). He was good looking until the end, and I’m still good looking!

Most of my grandfather’s material legacy had been passed down to his children, so I have very only the knowledge of him that has been passed to me vocally by his children. He was an avid record collector and I just recently acquired, from my mother, a crate full of old jazz albums that he used to own and cherish. Maybe in a way, the persona of Billy ‘The Jack’ is a fitting tribute to this remarkable man.

I wish I could have known him.


Once upon a time I tried to write a top-notch dating bio, but since no-one ever replied to my profile in the chat-rooms or on the matching sites, and my E-Harmony experiment had only given me repeated “Matched Closed. Reason: ‘other’,” I just decided: why bother with it all. If I can’t impress the ladies with my charm, wit and style…? Am I bitter? No… I’m an acquired taste! (Yes, I have a dozen lines like these.)

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