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(Original photo by Jenny Makousky.)

A few years ago, Cate Acer from Lili’s Burlesque bestowed upon me the awesome title of “The Jack!”, because I did a little bit of everything while I worked there (except perform — I look awful in pasties, and my sexy-dance… isn’t).

I am a musician, poet, philosopher, artist, writer, professional bad influence, an animal and a gentleman. Above all that, I am an Audio Engineer, Song Writer and Record Producer. I am very good at what I do — even if I do it all badly! Speaking of graphic arts: all of the logos, CD covers, posters and other graphics were created by the owner of this website (unless otherwise noted).

This website is my personal legacy, reflecting all that I choose to remember. We’ll sing some songs… watch some videos… tell amusing stories… contemplate new ideas… create new worlds… talk about life… death… philosophy… politics… art… and culture — and myself (what’s a personal website for besides the person?). And if you ask nicely, I may even tell you about my Million Dollar Idea concerning accouterments for male burlesque performers: the Pee-Stee®, a male pastie. (The pastie is what Burly-Q performers use to cover up their nipples.)

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